European Outlook H2: UK


The UK real estate sector has been remarkably resilient, considering the profound uncertainty created by difficult Brexit negotiations, a weak government, a faltering economy and the expectation of interest rate rises. Despite all this, last year London continued to attract massive capital inflows as investors from Asia as well as Europe made the most of a weaker currency to buy trophy properties, although the number of deals fell.

As the cycle reaches its peak, what are the prospects for the rest of 2018? The expected exodus of bankers' jobs from the City to EU cities like Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin has not materialised - it has been a steady trickle rather than a flood. How is the office sector doing? The weaker pound has also brought record tourism flows into the UK: how it this affecting the hotel and the retail sectors? Super-prime residential in London has suffered, but demand for housing is high, so what are the prospects for the resi sector in general? The logistics sector is the most mature in Europe: how will it develop? Will the booming student housing sector be affected by tighter immigration rules and uncertainty over student numbers following Brexit? The regional markets have been attracting a lot of investment - what are the prospects for cities like Birmingham and Manchester?

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